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Junior Heifer Points

The five highlighted shows are: the Illinois Beef Expo, the IJSA Summer Preview Show, the Illinois State Fair Junior Show, the Illinois State Fair Junior Land of Lincoln Show, and the Illinois State Fair Open Show. A Champion at one of these shows will earn the following points:

Champion Simmental Heifer: 250 pts.
Reserve Champion Heifer: 100 pts.
Division Champion Heifer: 50 pts.
Reserve Division Heifer: 25 pts.

At the Summer Regional and National Junior Heifer Show where a group of "Top Heifers" are selected, such as "Top 10 Heifers" or "Top 20 Heifers", points will be earned as follows:


1st: 250
2nd: 225
3rd: 200
4th: 175
5th: 150
6th: 125
7th: 100
8th: 75
9th: 50
10th: 25


1st: 500
2nd: 475
3rd: 450
4th: 425
5th: 400
6th: 375
7th: 350
8th: 325
9th: 300
10th: 275
11th: 250
12th: 225
13th: 200
14th: 175
15th: 150
16th: 125
17th: 100
18th: 75
19th: 50
20th: 25

A Champion at any other show, local fair, FFA show, major show, or jackpot will count as one point per Simmental heifer shows, i.e. 47 Simmental heifers equals 47 points. A Reserve Champion will receive 1/2 the points of a Champion female.
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