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MARCH 17, 2007 - Board of Directors Meeting - Abbreviated Minutes
104 Tuner Hall - Illinois State University

Members Present:
Brad Dorsey, Wendell Alwardt, Robert Danner, Tom Engel , Ryan Haefner , Derek Rapp, Stan Tarr, Paul Walker

Members Absent:
Stephen Robb, Darin Smith

Guests Present:
Alli Huizenga – IJSA

1. Brad Dorsey called the meeting to order (10:00 a.m.) and distributed an agenda.

2. Treasurers Report:
a. Presented by Stan Tarr
Specifically addressed: Balance
Annual Meeting
Expo Show
Mid America Sale
b. Motion to approve by Derek Ropp
c. Second by Tom Engel
d. Approved

3. Junior Report:
a. Presented by Alli Huizenga
b. Discussed Preview – recommended June 15-16.
c. Discussed fund raising activities
d. Member recruitment

4. Illinois State Fair:
a. Low Percent Open Show on Probation must have 40 head checked in at 2007 ISF to maintain show or will lose the show.
b. 23 of 32 heifers shown in Low Percent Junior Simmental Show were ½ blood status – and eligible to show in Low Percent Open Simmental Show need to encourage Jr. exhibitors to show in Open Show.
c. To encourage more participation ISA will:
- investigate contacting local extension offices to post information about the show
- investigate writing Junior Show exhibitors to encourage participation
- consider an ad in Livestock Plus, Show Circuit, etc.
- make up a flyer for posting at Preview/Jackpot shows

5. Website was discussed:
a. Need updated information given to Jennifer Tarr
b. Requested ideas for changes
c. At least one member requested information on website about TH and PHA defects
d. Will investigate possibility of posting a classified ad section

6. Beef Expo:
a. Annual Meeting discussed
- banquet room was considered okay
- expressed a need to reserve a block of motel rooms for 2008 annual meeting/expo
- investigate possibility of serving alcohol at 2008 banquet
- should consider having a revolving slide show of IJSA/ISA activities at 2008 banquet
- continue to sponsor Top 20 Jacket Award with perhaps another article of clothing other than a jacket
- consensus was to hold banquet at same location for 2008
b. Mid America Showcase Sale
- question was asked if show was necessary or could cattle just be stalled in sale day barn on Friday afternoon for 2-3 hours of viewing.

7. Board went into Executive Session at 11:30 a.m., Board came out of Executive Session at 12:30 p.m.

8. Old Business:
Derek Rapp will send out thank you notes to semen auction donors

9. New Business:
a. Election of Officers
Officers for 2007/2008
President – Ryan Haefner
Vice President – Tom Engel
Secretary – Darin Smith
Treasurer – Stan Tarr
b. Preview Show
- location either Jacksonville or Lincoln fairgrounds – preference for Lincoln if price acceptable
- ISA/IJSA will host it without another breed if price is reasonable
- suggested dinner for Friday evening was pizza
- suggested dates were Friday, June 15 th and Saturday June 16th ; realizing conflict with NCR Classic but consensus was Illinois juniors were going to SCR Classic the following week.
- suggested judges: John DeClure, Jesse Faber, Chuck Lemenager
- awards/entry fees
• Same as last year
• Juniors pay ½ of cost, = $2,000, ISA pay ½ of cost

10. Directory:
a. Advertisements due to Jennifer Tarr by May 1st .
b. Page charges same as previous issue
- 1 page b/w $150
- ½ page b/w $75
- Pictures $10 for each picture over 2 pictures per ad

11. Newsletter:
a. continue with 4 issues
b. Walker moved, Danner seconded, Board approved to pay Jennifer Tarr
$200 per issue for her efforts

12. Showcase Sale Commission
a. Walker moved, Rapp seconded, Board approved to charge 2% sales commission for ISA income

13. Membership Drive
a. Board will send membership form and cover letter to breeders obtained
from the following lists:
Previous Directory

14. IBA Beef Expo Committee
a. ISA representative will be Brad Dorsey
b. ISA alternate will be Paul Walker

15. State Fair Judges
a. Open Purebred Show names submitted to State Fair were:
Roger Allen
Chan Phillips
Greg Wathal
State Fair obtained Greg Wathal

b. Open Low Percent Show names submitted to State Fair were:
John Jansen
Scott Schaake
Barry Wesner

State Fair obtained John Jansen

c. Junior Show Heifers
Jim Williams – Shorthorn Breeder, Texas

d. Junior Show Steers
David Allan – Bar A Ranch, Texas

16. Illinois Beef Magazine:
ISA will run three ads in the IBA magazine, i.e., the Expo Issue, the State Fair
Issue and the Issue prior to the Preview Show

17. The Board selected the following members to serve on the following
standing committees:
a. Annual Meeting:
Darin Smith, Chairperson
Kerry Travis
Karen Myerscoft
Derek Rapp
Stan Metzger

b. Beef Expo
Brad Dorsey, Chairperson
Wendel Alwardt
Stan Tarr
Paul Walker

c. State Fair:
Stan Metzer, Chairperson
Wendel Alwardt
Brad Dorsey

d. IBPT Bull Sale:
Curt Rincker, Chairperson
Terry Osbourne
Bob Fritzpatrick

e. Queen:
Aimee Tarr, Chairperson
Cristie Huisinga
Stephanie Steel

f. Sales:
Derek Rapp, Chairperson
Brian Lotion
Darin Smith
Tom Engel

Jr. Advisors
Kerry Travis, Chairperson
Kristi Huizenga, Co-chairperson
Stephanie Steel, Co-chairperson
Beth Dorsey

Public Relations
Kristi Huizenga, Chairperson
Ryan Haefner/Megan Edwards
Jennifer Tarr
Stan Metzger

Ryan Haefner, Chairperson
Stephanie Steel
Kristi Huizenga
Kerry Travis

Ryan Haefner, President
Board Members

18. Meeting Adjourned
3:30 p.m.


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